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Benefits of Outsourcing
Outsourcing of staff and processes
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Outsourcing staff and processes

CASEEM promotes outsourcing (outsourcing) as a model in which business processes are transferred to another company, ie allow a third party to provide management the daily execution of one or more business processes.

This model can be provided from the same company or in another location, obtaining the same results.

The most important reasons for outsourcing are:

  1. Make a more competitive, while remaining focused on core competencies
  2. Achieving cost reduction and efficiency
  3. Access to resources or special skills
  4. Stimulate entrepreneurship in outsourcing
  5. Renewing the focus on core business
  6. Reduce risk by fixing an expert reliability
  7. Improve customer satisfaction with renewed processes that are not part of the culture or the experience of the company
  8. Projects and improve service level
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